Wharfedale pro mp1800 схема

wharfedale pro mp1800 схема
The extended frequency response allows for optimum reproduction and helps to produce a clear and articulate sound. Mic and line inputs are provided on balanced XLR and Âźâ€? TRS connectors for optimum performance and compatibility. The one box concept speeds up your setup time and allows you to start your performance quicker than ever before. Wharfedale Pro are proud to bring to you the next generation — the DLX Series.

The angled low profile enclosures are designed to provide high SPL in an unobtrusive package. Oversize toroidal transformers ensure reliable high power delivery, with a linear power supply for stable operation in the most demanding situations. The high sensitivity capsule picks up all of the nuances of a performance. A lightweight neodymium magnet provides 6dB of additional sensitivity/gain compared to other magnetic materials. All models in the range are equipped with XLR / 1/4” TRS balanced / unbalanced connections and have ground lift switches to eliminate any earth loop or hum issues.

The microphones have extended frequency response for optimum reproduction. Everything you need to mix and amplify microphones and line level sources is included in one box, with an ergonomic carry handle to aid transportation. The Diva 8 has a very wide frequency response of 60Hz-20kHz and is capable of 108dB SPL @ 1m. A 70.7 / 100 volt line matching transformer ensures impedance matched connectivity with your high impedance amplifier or external line transformer. Consistent voicing across the range ensures seamless coverage when using a variety of different models in distributed sound applications. Emphasis has been placed on the safety of your rig with a switchable 40Hz 12dB/octave HPF to increase headroom and reduce the risk of driver over excursion. With aggressive aesthetics to match the impressive power output, the MX Series is ideal when you need a system that is striking in output and appearance. A comprehensive lineup consists of stage monitors, full range enclosures and subwoofers.

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